Irish Jewellery designer Katie McCay, an Athlone native, has been designing and creating unique and meaningful jewellery inspired by Ireland’s ancient past over a decade.
Her fascination with ancient writing and symbolism led to her to study Celtic Archaeology at NUI Galway where she also developed a keen interest in metalworking. Katie opened her craft gallery, The Bastion Gallery in Athlone, more than twenty five years ago.
Her attraction to Ogham, combined with her craftsmanship in metalworking allowed her turn her fascination into a passion and so the Ogham Treasure Collection was established in 2012.
Each piece of jewellery in the Ogham Treasure Collection represents a word or letter that has special meaning in ancient Celtic writing.
Crafted in silver, the pieces are designed and made using traditional and modern jewellery making techniques forging a unique connection to an ancient tradition.

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6 Bastion Street ,Athlone , Co. Westmeath