These webinars introduced commercial design, manufacture and production of handicraft products in to a DIY-package with materials and instructions for self-made crafts from Finland.

The lecturers are designer Mari Isopahkala, handicraft entrepreneur Jaana Öljymäki and Taito Keskip-Pohjanmaa and are delivered as part of a Craft co-operation project with Offaly Local Development Company and Westmeath Community Development Company in partnership with Finland Leader companies: Rieska-Leader and Keskipiste Leader .

This training is part of an Innovative Programme which provides craft makers in both Countries with opportunities to develop new techniques and skills and look at the use of different materials to adapt their current offerings of products or to create new products.

CLICK title below to watch the Creative design process of commercial craft  ( Day 1)

Webinar – The creative design process of commercial craft


·        How my products are born – Award-winning designer Mari Isopahkala

·        The treasures of the forest  – Craftsman, birch bark, Jaana Öljymäki,

·        Summary Taito Keski-Pohjanmaa, handicraft instructor Marika Saarela

Click title text below to watch  The Creative Design process of commercial craft

Webinar – The creative design process of commercial craft, day 2  -link


    • Craft demonstration, step-by-step preparation of the Päre mood light according to the instructions in the DIY kit. –  Elisa Saukko and Marika Saarela .
    • Summary, end of the day Rieska-Leader, Rita Kovacs.

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