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Photography Workshop – 2 Day

March 13 @ 10:00 am - March 14 @ 5:00 pm

Craftlink - 2 day photography workshop for creative businesses in Offaly & Westmeath. This workshop will be delivered in person with photographer Ana Dorado. The workshop will focus on building your photography skills and build confidence to use your camera or phone to take better images of your work.

1 day in-person training and 1:1 support sessions afterwards Date Thursday 7th March 2024  Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Course Outline  Understanding the value and purpose of an authentic brand story Identifying the cornerstones of your brand story - your brand DNA Defining what your audience need to hear Developing your story and tone of voice Consistency and flexibility - having a ‘living story’ fit for purpose

This is for craft or creative businesses that have been operating part-time - either as an informal side hustle, or as an established, but part-time business.  How do you gauge when you are ready to move to full time? What factors do you need to consider? What are the risks?  How can you tell when the time is right?

This session is designed for pre or early start up businesses in any of the creative sectors.  It examines what is involved in turning what may have been a hobby or passion into a viable business.  It explores the key steps and where you can go for help and support.

Growing your business means you need to plan to grow your customer base - but more importantly it means focusing on the needs of priority customers, keeping them happy and attracting more of them.  

We have never had greater access to data that is relevant to our business - the key is knowing where to find it, how to collate it and most importantly how to turn it into business insights, so that we can make smarter decisions.