Celtic Roots StudioHelen Conneely
As a sculptor, my purpose is twofold: to honour the past and to advocate for the future. Through delicate salvage and careful preservation, I save these magnificent giants from oblivion.
I understand that their stories, like ours, are intricately woven into the fabric of the Earth, and they carry profound lessons we must heed.
With reverence, I dry the ancient bogwood slowly, preparing it for its transformation into sculpture forms and wearable art. As I carve, I can feel the echoes of the past, resonating with the present, and reaching toward the future. Each creation becomes a talisman, holding the essence of these endling trees—vessels of wisdom and guardians of hope.
In a world crying out for harmony and healing, I find solace and purpose in my craft. Through my art, I communicate my deep concern for our planet’s well-being and our shared responsibility to protect it. Each sculpture, each piece of wearable jewellery, becomes an instrument of change, a whisper of hope that inspires those who bear witness to it.
By working solely with these ancient materials, I strive
to live gently within the landscape, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all living things. My art becomes a manifestation of the delicate dance between humanity and nature, where we must learn to nurture and protect rather than exploit and destroy.
  • Ballinahown, Athlone
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