Esker DesignJohn Farrell
My name is John Farrell, I am the founder of Esker Design.

From my design studio and workshop I make handcrafted furniture and a range of handmade boxes with a strong emphasis on sustainability and meticulous attention to detail.
Society today is all about what’s next and fast consumption. At Esker Design our pieces start a conversation that future generations can continue. We design and craft heirloom quality pieces that create wonder in your home.

John Farrell started Esker Design in 2020, with the aim of producing work that is unique, functional, and brings inspiration to your home. John graduated with a BSc degree from GMIT Letterfrack furniture college in 2019, also receiving maker of the year. He designs and makes furniture that is high quality for those who appreciate excellent craftsmanship and want something truly individual.

“I have always loved being creative and making things with my hands, anything where my imagination was needed. In school, I was introduced to woodworking and so began a passion for furniture making.

Inspiration comes from nature all around me, the journeys of other craftspeople past and present and the simple joy of creating. In my work, I try to showcase the character of the wood, the beauty of the grain, and how different shapes and textures can transform the surface.“

  • Ballard, Tullamore, Co. Offaly