Meet our Designers and Makers

Meet the Maker – Meab Enamels

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Visit Clair O' Neill in her studio of Meab Enamels in Westmeath, Ireland The Meab story started over 50 years ago when a young Meab set out on her travels around Europe. She was inspired by great artists such as Faberge, the renowned enamellist. She was also inspired by local craftspeople who were able to re-use materials to create unique and vibrant designs. Meab passed on her skills to her daughter Clair who has developed her own individual style which she has used to create larger decorative pieces as well as collections combining silver, silver plate, and other

Meet the Maker – Luna Soaps

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Meet Ann Marie Lawlor of Luna Soap Co in her workshop in Offaly, Ireland. Skilled and accredited crafters of Natural Goat Milk Soaps and Skincare created with superior ingredients for today's natural environmentally friendly conscious woman. Our raw materials are sourced to defy the effects of pollution and to nourish hydrate and protect the skin. Our promise is to deliver eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, cruelty free hand-crafted superior natural products with a fast turnaround and finished with a personal touch. Certified & Hand Crafted in Tullamore, Co Offaly, Ireland. Visit:

Meet the Maker – Monica Daly (Heartworks)

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See behind the scenes of Heartworks with Monica Daly. Heartworks Handmade Gifts have been crafting products at the Gate Lodge of Charleville Castle, in Tullamore. Our skincare journey began in 2015 when we got into producing our own soap. We make soaps and shampoo bars without palm oil (although we still have those products with the palm oil) and we developed another recipes combining locally sourced ingredients. By 2017 we expanded into body butter, lip balm followed in the same year by Night Face Cream. In 2019 we added cream deodorant, shaving soap and beard balm to our

Meet the Maker – Hazel Greene

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Visit Hazel Greene in her studio in Offaly - Hazel Greene is a painter who creates silk scarves and teaches at Bramber Studio, Offaly , Ireland A visual artist and textile designer, takes her paintings and uses them to create a design, which is then printed onto silk. The images are of both figurative and landscape subjects. Visit

Meet the Maker – Esker Designs

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Watch John Farrell of Esker Design producing work that is unique, functional, and brings inspiration to your home. He designs and makes furniture that is high quality for those who appreciate excellent craftsmanship and want something truly individual. “I have always loved being creative and making things with my hands, anything where my imagination was needed. In school, I was introduced to woodworking and so began a passion for furniture making. Inspiration comes from nature all around me, the journeys of other craftspeople past and present and the simple joy of creating. In my work, I try to

Meet the Maker – Claire Guinan

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Claire is an acclaimed artist, illustrator and jeweller based in the heart of Ireland, working predominantly in pencil and watercolours in her illustrations and oils for her celebrated portraits. Claire creates art works to view, share, own or wear! See her online shop for the current collections of fine art originals, prints, and hand-crafted jewellery. Visit:

Meet the Maker – Celtic Roots Studio

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Celtic Roots Studio, situated in the craft village of Ballinahown, County Westmeath, combines a workshop and gallery space with an interpretative centre and display of historic artefacts made from bogwood. This natural material was formed from trees that became engulfed in Irish bogs thousands of years ago and preserved in the low oxygen atmosphere of the peat. Now, discarded bogwood is reclaimed by Celtic Roots Studio and slowly dried out over two years before it is carved and polished into contemporary sculpture and jewellery. The pieces are designed by Helen Conneely, made in the workshop. She makes personalised

Meet the Maker – Button Studio

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Visit Jane Walsh in her colourful workshop that is Button Studio, Westmeath, Ireland Jane Walsh – the creator and artist has always been inspired by colour and the effect that it can have on our state of mind. Button Studio was created out of this curiosity and a love to take everyday objects and turn them into pieces of art to preserve and enhance them. Buttons are a little piece of our life story that might otherwise be lost… until I catch them and place them somewhere where they can be treasured forever. Visit

Murmuration Booklet

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Murmuration Murmuration is a collection of work created collaboratively by 16 talented designers, makers, and artists from Offaly, Westmeath, and Finland. This unique concept originated during the Craftlink programme, where the creators had the opportunity to meet in both Ireland and Finland. They were immediately captivated by the idea of working together creatively. Please enjoy our digital flipbook which showcases the project, the creative team involved and images of the work created.

The Art & Craft of Giving

By |October 18th, 2021|Categories: Meet our Designers and Makers|

The eye of the artists and the skills of individual craft makers, from Offaly & Westmeath, are immediately obvious in wonderful gift collections for 2021 and beyond. Inspiration runs free as heritage skills are given a contemporary twist in an intriguing choice that includes Artwork brimming with creativity, colour and imagination to add a cultured touch to any home Jewellery exquisitely designed to mark moments of love, friendship or family occasions Skincare scented with the lush fragrances of Irish gardens Scarves and millinery that revive a discreet sense of luxury and glamour Soap, lotions and potions that soak away

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