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Jaana Vähäsöyrinki

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Jaana Vähäsöyrinki graduated as a fine art therapist and ceramist. She as an artist who has focused on ceramics. Jaana finds ideas and topics in ceramics as stories, folktales and myths. She loves storytellers. Jaana Vähäsöyrinki on valmistunut kuvataideterapeutiksi ja keramiikan artesaaniksi . Jaana on erikoistunut keramiikkaa ja raku keramiikan polttoon. Hän saa ideoita keramiikkaansa taruista ja myyteistä ja kansansaduista.

Juha Peltola

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I am Juha Peltola, a cabinetmaker. Pieni Puusepänverstas manufactures high-quality wooden objects from traditional windows to gift items, and organises, for example, woodcut courses. I am familiar with traditional carpentry and like to use old working methods in my work. Finnish Olen puuseppämestari Juha Peltola. Pieni Puusepänverstas valmistaa laadukkaita puuesineitä perinneikkunoista lahjaesineisiin, sekä järjestää mm. puupiirroskursseja. Tunnen perinteisen puusepäntyön ja käytän töissäni mielelläni vanhoja työmenetelmiä.

Johanna Riepula

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I am a multitaskeri in crafts and culture, who is constantly interested in different materials and techniques. When I was younger I studied ecology and got into studying metal crafts by accident. I carried on to contemporary crafts and ended up doing some teaching also. Moving from city to a rural countryside has made it easier to use new materials like rush. Collecting, drying and storing rush is so much easier in an old country house. Traditional crafts have become more important to me mostly because of rush, and the teaching of old skills. Living in centre of quiet Finland

Tero Mäkelä

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I have been working with wood in many ways since I graduated as a carpenter in 1996 and as a artist in 1999. I have been working in forest management, restoration of old buildings and in log building. The start of Mäkelän Puukonttori was in 2016, when an elderly couple was looking for someone to continue their business of making wooden icon boards. Luckily, at the same time a neighbor asked me if I wanted to buy her fathers woodworking machines. As a result of this I now have a small workshop where I produce icon boards and art out

Marika Saarela

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I graduated as a designer of unique clothing and theater costumes in 2005. Over the years, I have worked in many different tasks in the clothing, design and craft industry: sales, marketing and design. I have worked as a theater costume designer in a few productions and as an entrepreneur for 4 years running a Finnish design store, an online store and a tailor-made tailoring shop. At the moment, I work in the handicraft industry association in Ostrobothnia in sales and marketing roles, and I teach handicraft skills in a handicraft school and in courses. I do handicrafts in my

Johanna Smed

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I am Johanna a 44 years old mother of four and I run a small business called Hiidenverstas with my husband. Lempiverstas, my craft business is a part of it. I create different products from leather, jewelry, pottery, paintings and more. All of my products are handmade with love in a small town in the Finnish countryside. An old barn in the middle of the forest, lots of love and care, and a bit of magic, that is what Lempiverstas is made of. Finnish Olen Johanna, 44 vuotias neljän lapsen äiti ja toimin yrittäjänä yhdessä mieheni kanssa Hiidenverstas- nimisessä yrityksessä.

Pauliina Yliniitty

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I’m a Finnish calligrapher and formally trained as a visual artist (2014). My studies were focused on calligraphy all the way through. I have now taught calligraphy for ten years. Over the past couple of years, I have run lots of calligraphy workshops on-line and I have also started teaching goal-oriented and regular calligraphy basics courses. I do commissions every now and then, but currently teaching takes up most of my time. I live in a small town called Oulainen almost in the middle of Finland. I go for a daily walk in the nearby forest. Some weeks ago I

Design JaanaÖ

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I am Jaana Ölýmäki, craftsman, birch bark teacher, serigraph artist, photographer and writer. I teach birch bark work in a different part of Finland. In my company Design JaanaÖ offers high-quality and ecological birch bark jewellery, use and decoration products, diy-packages and birch bark material. Quality, ecology and ethics are the cornerstones of manufacturing. Finnish Olen Jaana Öljymäki käsityöläinen, tuohitöiden opettaja, serigrafisti, valokuvaaja ja kirjailija. Opetan tuohitöitä eripuolilla Suomea. Yritykseni Design JaanaÖ tarjoaa laadukkaita ja ekologisia suomalaisesta koivun tuohesta valmistettuja tuohikoruja, tuohisia käyttö- ja sisustustuotteita, ohjepaketteja ja tuohimateriaalia. Laatu, ekologisuus ja eettisyys, ovat valmistuksen kulmakiviä. Ruuttulantie 52, 85710 Parkkila Finland


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